Monday, November 11, 2013

Letter Dated November 11, 2013

Oh man, another good week in PA! :)
You'll never believe! but the leaves here are still very pretty and changing colors! some of them are looking pretty bare about now...but the fall season is still going strong! :) Yeah buddy! NO SNOW....yet. haha! It is getting pretty chilly though. man, when the wind blows, it makes your ears freeze off! haha But I'm not complaining, because we don't have any snow! :) yay! The holidays are coming up, and I'm loving it...before I was a bah-humbug-er and didn't like it at all when people put Christmas up before thanksgiving....But I'm loving it this year! It's making everything more cheery seeing everyone's Christmas lights coming up and seeing the Christmas stuff in the aisles at the grocery store.  :) the only damper is I don't get to watch Elf or Grinch this year! haha....but I think I might be able to get over that. ;)
My companion is awesome! I'm getting to know more about her as the days go on, and she's a little rock star! haha She is one though cookie! and She is so kind to everyone! She's just so sweet, and couldn't hurt a fly.  haha! We were able to find three new people to teach this week with a few other potential investigators! We picked up Heather and Andrew (who I called MARK in a lesson on accident...where the freak Mark came from? I don't know...but I was so embarrassed! Good thing he didn't seem to mind too much! ha!) We actually found them by just knocking on their door one day as we were trying to get in contact with someone else....and theirs was the only one we knocked on, and Heather invited us back. :) When we had a lesson we had actually found out that she had investigated the church a long time ago before she moved to E-town, and she was talking to us about her experiences with reading the Book of Mormon, and she testified to us that the Book of Mormon brought so much peace to her life before, and that she was really interested in us coming back to re-teach her all of the lessons.  and Andrew is her foster son! We're hoping to end up teaching the whole family! But by small and simple things are great things brought to pass, right? :) oh, and another girl named Brittini! :) She was also a former investigator, and we found her in our Area Book, she expressed to us that she was looking for a church, and that she was having a hard time finding one that she liked, and everything that she was expressing that she wanted in a church, is what we have. :)  She's pretty boss! We can't wait to continue teaching them more!
We got a chance to visit some people I didn't know very well and have never met with, and was able to set up some appointments with them. :) that was really awesome and exciting! haha! some of them were suuuper warm and fuzzy and so fun to visit with...and well...others not so much! But I still love them! :)
Oh, and funny/stupid story for the week.....well, Sister Winkler and I switch off driving and it was my day to drive...but we had decided to walk that day to the library to save miles and try to OYM on the way down, which was really awesome! We got to talk to a lot of people and I saw the most amazing moustache of my whole life!!! :) hahaha! It was the kind that twirls up at the ends....he said he got it to do that with bees wax and petroleum jelly...but the mixture has to be just right! :) hahaha! it was a sweet old man, and he talked with us about it for a while! :)...anyways back to my our library card numbers are on the key chain to get on, and so we get on and look up all the stuff we need to and then we head home....well, because we didn't drive there...the keys weren't on the front of my mind, and we got to our apartment and I searched my bag for the keys to get in.....and I had left them at the library. AHH! Thank heavens Sister Winkler is so patient, and we didn't have any set we started our hour long treck back to the library! Does it surprise you? haha...I'm an idiot! But I'll be sure I don't leave them here today!
Oh man, I'm sorry, I've got to go.  But I love you all sooooo much! and I miss you tons! Thanks so much for all the fun letters! I don't know what I'd do without you! The book is blue, the church is true and I can't wait to talk to Yinz again soon! :)
Love, Sister Thomas