Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter dated December 2, 2013 Happy Turkey Day

Heeyyy Everyone!
I'm sorry I'm so lame and I missed email last week! But man oh man! Thanksgiving was awesome! :) I was so nervous, because that was like, my first major holiday away from home, and of course I missed everyone! But it was just a neat experience to have it out on the mission! :) We got to wake up and go to the Turkey Bowl and play two touch football with the ward! :) It was so fun!! and no one got hurt, so that's a bonus! It started at 8 and it was reeealllly cold! thank heavens we were all running around to keep warm! haha! There were so many people that came out, we had huge teams! Sister Winkler and I had a blast! And I guess its tradition to go over to the Kenley's house for breakfast afterward! We all made our way over (well except for the super hard core football players that wanted to keep playing. :) haha) and we had some really yummy pull aparts and chocolate milk and we just had a chance to visit with everyone and get to know people better! :) The E-town ward rocks! They are just so close to one another! They truly are a ward family! its so neat! :) Then we had to go shower and get ready for the day, since we were smelly from playing our little hearts out. :) and we got to go over to the Jacobs for dinner! :) Sister Winkler and I got to go over early and help finish cooking dinner and getting everything ready! :) The Jacobs are the best family ever! they are just so sweet to always be taking care of us and having us over for dinner! They also had the Elders over, Elder Jones and Elder Cooper and another family from the ward, The Allens, and then some of Sister Jacobs family was there! It was a big fun crowd! With tons of yummy food, and TONS of dessert! haha it was a blast! Then we got to play some games!
Then we went to a less actives house and put up a Christmas tree! that was so fun! We had the best time! Our day went by so fast, and it was awesome to just have the chance to reflect back and think about all of the many things that I'm grateful for!
We also had a great week as far as teaching goes, we got to have some of the most wonderful experiences with Grace, she's a lady we've been teaching for a while to get her to come back to church, and she totally just came out and was wanting to come to church, and to pay her tithing and to receive her temple recommend again so she can do work for the ones that she loves!! What? Yeah buddy! We were so excited!!! I love Grace sooo much! She is just the greatest sweetest old women! She just rocks! :)
I'm sorry my stories are so short! We've got a crazy day today! but I love you all, and I'll save some stories for next week! I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day! :)
Sister Thomas