Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Letter Dated September 3, 2013

(Message from Kelsey: I am sorry that it has taken so long to get this posted. Life has been a little crazy. I will try my best to get them posted the day after I get them but I make no promises but send Sister Thomas some love she would love to hear from you all! Send letters she LOVES them!! Anyways thanks for being patient with me!) 

Hey Hey! I'm sorry! I didn't write a group email last week! and this weeks is going to be kinda lame...But that's okay! Because you love me anyways, right? ;)
Welp, as you all know yesterday was Labor Day! :) I hope you all had a good time! And I hope you enjoyed yourselves at the extremely long Payson Parade! hahaha! Believe it or not...I really missed it this year! haha I couldn't help but to think of all of you that are at home sitting at the parade in front of Grandpa's Shops enjoying each others company! :) It was weird not being there! But we have the best ward here! (but don't worry....our ward at home is still the very best! :) haha) but the Greenway's invited us over to their house for a barbeque to celebrate Labor Day! and it was the best! because yesterday was P-day, and the library was closed we couldn't email or anything, and we got to go to their house in our jeans and enjoy such nice company! The Greenway's are seriously some of the best people I know! They are sooo good to us!  They both served missions in Brazil and they just have the cutest little family! An oldest boy, and two little girls! and they are so stinkin cute! the Greenways also had the Hansens over, and they are just a cute little family too! so we all piled in their home, with the other two Elders who ware serving in our area, Elder Cooper and Elder Jones, and we had the best lunch! It was so fun and yummy! and It was just really nice to be wearing pants! haha instead of a skirt, and to just be able to sit and chat with the girls, while the Elders and the other guys were in the other room chatting! haha it just felt normal for a few hours, and that was so nice! Sister Walborn and I really felt at home and it was just a nice way to spend our P-day! haha, now we can get back to the good stuff right? the work that is going on! We had one of our investigators, Deb, come to church this Sunday....and guess what, She brought her husband too! :) that was soo awesome! and they really seemed to enjoy it! It was fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, and it was so fun to hear all of the testimonies that were given! they were all so sincere and so in tune with the spirit! The spirit was so strong, and I know that some of the things that were said were just for Deb and her husband! Right now we're teaching a few different investigators.  We've got Deb, Dale, Mikey, a different Deb and her husband Ken, and Dalitza. I swear all of their names start with D's :) And Ciara moved. :'( that was really sad! But it was so fun to get to know her! and we got to meet her family before she left and they were just as sweet as could be! They were loads of fun! and Did I already tell you that Athena and her mom moved too? That was so sad! The whole time they were talking about moving we were all under the impression that she would be in the same ward, but they moved just like a mile and a half out of the ward boundaries.  We miss them so much! But when we were helping them move is where we met Mikey and Deb and Ken, and it was really awesome, that's how we got in contact with them, and I've really enjoyed teaching all of them! I feel like Deb and I really had a connection, we're actually going with her and her husband to their Methodist church this Sunday, and then the next Sunday they will be coming to ours. :) It's going to be really cool to learn more about other religions.  There are so many different religions around here I can't even believe how many there are....some that I have never heard of my whole life. But it's really cool because I feel like everyone here belongs to a religion and a lot of people exercise a faith in Jesus Christ, which makes it both hard and awesome all at the same time.  Ahh! and now it's time for me to go.. :( haha I'm sorry I'm so disorganized and I bounce around so much! let me know if I've talked about anyone and I've left you hanging, because I can't remember everything! haha, but I love you all so much! and I can't wait to hear from you all and to get to talk to you again next week!
I love you all so much!
love, Sister Thomas!

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