Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter Dated March 10, 2014 I super suck at writing you all! I'm sorry! 
So, right now I'm serving in Monongahela North :) and it's so fun! We live really close to the Mon river and it's so fun here! Oh man, every day is a new adventure! :) So, my little baby, Sister Rock, She's a boss! I love her so much! We have soooo much fun all the time! 

This week was really good! :)
So we currently have one investigator, her name is Charen, and she is soooo sweet! Oh my heavens I love her so much! She is our neighbor, and she just is always taking such good care of us, and she just has the biggest heart! She loves everyone and will do anything to help people. Man, I could go on and on forever since I havent filled you in for a while, but for the sake of time....just take my word for it. She rocks! :) I love her so much! 
Anyways we  had a lesson with her this week at a members home..the Martins.  They're our neighbors too! They're seriously the best! I love them so much! but they invited us and charen over for dessert and a lesson, and it was so neat! We had already taught Charen the Restoration of the Gospel, but we felt that she still needed a better understanding of it, and decided to go back and reteach it, but in a way where she wouldn't feel she wasn't learning anything new. So we ended up showing her the DVD of the Restoration and really tying it in to the Book of Mormon and the importance of the Book of Mormon, and it was so awesome to hear the testimonies of the Martin family.  For them to share how much this gospel has blessed their lives, and to talk about their relationships with our Heavenly Father and how it is strengthened through prayer.  The spirit was so strong! Charen has been keeping her commitments and seems to be growing and very curious about the gospel.  I know that this can bring her so much peace and comfort in her life, and I can't wait to see her to continue to progress! :) Funny story, she has 4 children, and her two youngest, Sarah and Dylan (boy) walked us up the hill to our house the other day, and they we're both dressed up in dresses and high heels! I was so impressed with how well they both did walking up the hill...especially really high heels..I know I couldn't even do that...but once it was time to go back down the was a different story. So sister rock and I had to carry Dylan and Sarah back down the  hill to their house because of the rocks on the road.  It was so cute and soooo funny! I couldn't stop laughing! :)

This week we had a lot of less active member work done this week too! Which has been awesome! :) We have this one lady we're teaching, for the sake of keeping her name we'll call her Sister Smenz.  Oh my heavens, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love her! She is just amazing! She is a convert to the church, has been a temple worker, and a Seminary teacher.  She is just sooo knowledgeable! Sometimes I wonder how much "teaching" I'm doing...because really I think I'm the one that's doing most the learning! She teaches me so much and is always giving insights that I would never even think of.  The spirit is always so strong when we are at her home with her, and we have just become the best of friends! Sister Smenz has had to deal with some hard things in life, but she has the best attitude and is always looking toward the future.  She is just so loving, and the best news is, she came to church this Sunday and sat with us! We were so thrilled! :) It was such a neat experience, and you could see her feel the spirit, and everyone at church was so kind and so happy to see her! It was so amazing! :) also sang in the ward choir this week....and I suck. They had me and sister rock singing alto...and neither of us knew what we were doing! It was pretty funny! 

Oh man, there is still so much I want to tell you all but not enough time! I promise I'll be better at getting my emails out! just know that everything is great! I love my companion, and I love the people that we're serving! And I love the area! It has been so amazing! I love it! :) and I love all of you! 

Sister Thomas

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