Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter Dated March 17, 2014

Hello!! :) 
How is everything going? 
Okay, so this week, wasn't the most intense week.  Things were kind of slow moving. But we still had good experiences!! 
Monday we had a really fun P-day and topped it off with dinner at a members house! :) Sister B's husband is a member of the Bishopric and after dinner we were talking about the people we were teaching and they just about gave Sister Rock and I a heart attack because they had us convinced that we had been teaching someone that was out of our area....we were so sad! Turns out they  really are in our area...just on the very edge border! haha so that was a relief! The B's are suuper nice and they are so kind to always be sure they feed us something we want for dinner and spoil us with yummy dessert after! man, the monongahela ward has some really good cooks!! And we always get dessert! It's awesome! :) I love it!

Then on Tuesday, it was the most beautiful day ever!!! It was seriously like 70 outside! and Sister Rock and I were eating it up! So after we did service at the hospital our appointments fell through, so we went tracting, and seriously every door we knocked on someone was home! :) We got to place three books of mormons and talk to a BUNCH of people! It was so awesome! :) I loved it! investigators came of it, but maybe one day! :) 

Wednesday we got to teach a few different Less-Active and Recent Convert  lessons, and they all went very well! :) Marissa, one of our Recent Convert is soo sweet! She got us some friendship bracelets, so now we all three have matching bracelets! She's awesome! haha! We got to talk to her about the Enduring to the end and address some of her concerns about the Holy Ghost! Oh man! I wish you guys could have seen it, it was sooo funny because while she was talking to us she was talking about how wiggley her chair was, and she went to show us how much it wiggled...and the chair totally broke and she fell off the chair, she laughed so hard, and we laughed so hard! It was hard for us to gain our composure agian! haha it was so funny she shared it with the gospel principles class on Sunday. :) Oh man, it was great! and we got to have a very spiritual lesson about prayer with one of our other Less Actives, and it was really neat because I was able to relate with her on some hard thing that have happened in her life, and she totally opened up like she hadn't before. It was really awesome!  We also got to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant and they were totally playing country music! That never happens here! I miss country SOOOO MUCH!!! But hey...I'm super lucky and I get to listen to church music all the time! :) that was just a fun little blessing! :) 

Thursday we spend almost all day in Pittsburgh for our Zone Conference! Those are always super awesome and very spiritually uplifting.  We got to train on finding people to teach, which was really good because that is something we're really struggling with right now.  We only have one investigator right now.  But I'm confident as we continue to be diligent we will be able to find people to teach.  Right now it's Lent which is  a Catholic tradition thing? where they give something up for 40 days before Easter...kinda like a 40 day fast, and there are A TON of Catholics in this area! Even though a lot of them aren't active, they still are very strong in their traditions, so it's hard to find people to teach. But there are sooo many fun people we meet here! 

On Friday we got to teach our favorite Sister M. :) She's such a rock star! We love her soo much! We got to read out of the Relief Society Manual  and got to talk about a ton of wonderful things relating to faith and repentance.  She is just so awesome, and every time we go to her house we feel the spirit so strong! :) I love it! Then we got to do some service for our Investigator, we helped her clean her house! :) We love being able to help her with everything! It's so fun! :) 
I've gotta get going! but I love you tons!
Sister Thomas

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