Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letter Dated August 18, 2014

Hey Everyone! :)
So...this week was really long! I don't know about everyone else..but man, for Sister Jones and I it was a lot longer than normal for some reason! haha! I think I'll blame it on the fact that we didn't get to do exchanges this past week! 
But, despite this week being long, it was still super awesome!! :) I'll talk about a few awesome highlights. :) 
Monday we had our regular P-day...we didn't do anything fun.  There really isn't anything in Butler..so when we stay around Butler...we just do our grocery shopping and look at stores that are around. haha! tons of fun right? But the super cool thing that happened Monday is while we were shopping at 5 Below, we got a media referral from someone that referred themselves for a Book of Mormon.  And the super cool part is that it was in the same area as our dinner appointment. So after our great dinner at the Bonetti's we went to contact our referral. Oh really quick...let me tell you the riddle that Brother Bonetti told us at dinner...."What happens once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years?" the other one that he told was, "You're driving down the road it's pitch black and you don't have your lights on, yet you can see everything...how?" I'll let you think on those and I'll tell you the answer at the end of the email. :) Anyways, so after dinner we drive to this guys house who asked for the Book of Mormon, and we pull up and there is this "No Trespassing" sign in the front of their driveway...so we were a little hesitant..because sometimes people play jokes on the missionaries, and refer us to mean people, or they make up fake people with an address...like let me just tell you...one time I got one with the name Charlie Brown....he wasn't real. haha! But anyways...we said a prayer and we felt okay about it, so we knocked on the door, and the man that opened the door was young, probably in his early thirties, and he was so kind and invited us right in! So we sat down with him and his three daughters, and his wife wasn't sitting down, but was doing some things in the kitchen while listening to us.  And this guy, we'll call him "J" had a lot of questions! It sounded like he had been looking for churches for quite some time, and really didn't like some of the answers that other churches were giving him...so we sat down and had some really nice conversation and discussions about our church.  Some of the questions he asked were about family, and what programs we have in the church for children and youth.  And if we believe in Christ, and what sets us apart from other churches? Things like that! And it was really awesome because he was very impressed by some of the answers that were given.  We invited him to begin the lessons, and he said he wanted to read more out of the Book of Mormon before beginning the lessons.  So we left him with our number and we have his, so I'm excited to see where this goes! He just has the cutest little family! His wife is so sweet! and his daughters are ADORABLE! :) They would just make the best family in the Church. :) I'm super excited to hear what happens! :) It's really cool though to see how many people really are looking for truth, but they "are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it—" (D&C 123:12) And to hear again and again the questions of the soul of people wondering Where they came from, and Why they're here, and Where they are going. As children of God searching for truth...these are things that we ask ourselves, and all things that can be answered through the Book of Mormon and prayer. :) 
Then, we had one of the Less-Actives that we are working with call us up, and tell us that her brothers girl friend wants to learn more about the church, and wanted to set up a lesson! :) so we set up a time to go over on Thursday.  So we went over and we started with understanding what her religious background was, she was born and raised a Catholic, but when she got older switched to becoming a Lutheran.  She became interested in the church through conversations she's been having with Kristen and other members of her family. :) So we taught her the Restoration, and it was so awesome, because Val realized every time that she was feeling the spirit...and she testified back to us, that she was feeling the spirit when we talked about Gods love for us, and His desire for us to be with Him again. We introduced the Book of Mormon, and talked about the promise it contains with Reading and Pondering the book, and then asking God if it really is true, if the things we're teaching her are true. And she accepted that invitation to do so, and she even wanted to read from the Book of Mormon every day with Kristen for 20 minutes! Doesn't she just sound awesome! :) She really is the greatest! She is so kind, and sweet! and another awesome connection she has with the church..is she just started a job where one of our members works! How awesome is that! I really like Val a lot! I feel like we totally related because she is a CNA too! But she's been doing that for 7 years....She's got a lot more time than I do.! :) haha!
We just had a really awesome week of finding and talking with new people! :) We have a lot of awesome service opportunities coming up this week! :) I can't wait to begin! :) There is so much love that is felt through doing service, and it really opens and prepares a lot of peoples hearts to receive the Message of Jesus Christ that we have to share. And I think I'm the super lucky one here! Because having the opportunity to do service for others has been some of the neatest experiences on my mission! There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment, and love that you receive from serving God's children. :) I love it!
And I love you guys! :) a lot! and I miss you a ton! keep being awesome! 
Sister Thomas
oh..by the way..your answers to the riddles are:
The letter "M"
and the other is you can see everything because its the middle of the day...it's to road that is pitch black. haha...this one made me feel like an idiot!

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