Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letter Dated August 4, 2014

Hey Hey everyone!! 
It has been quite the abnormal week! haha! I'm excited to tell you about it!
So Last P-day after we were done emailing and shopping for groceries and stuff..we went to Jans house to paint! :) She's teaching us how to paint...we're working on a Monet...Yeah...mine looks NOTHING like his...haha! I'm not done yet, but I'll tell you what I"m not really an artist! haha! But I really do like painting a lot! It's actually pretty relaxing. :) even when I suck at it!
Anyways, then her and he husband Nick fed us dinner, and we had a lesson with them after dinner.  Jan is a member, and her husband is not, so we've been teaching him the lessons! :) But the last lesson we had wasn't the most amazing lesson I've ever had as a missionary. haha! It was one of those lessons where every possible distraction happens...the phone rings...the air conditioner breaks...stuff like that.. so, it was a good lesson...just not the greatest... haha okay enough of that low-light stuff.
So later that night we drove up to Erie for exchanges. Its like a 2 hour drive, so we didn't get in until about bed time! haha it took forever! But we had such a good time up there all day Tuesday! I got to spend the day with Sister Holmstead.  She's probably the most boss missionary I know.  She goes home in like...two weeks.  But she works SOO hard! We got to go visit some people they're teaching, one of them was Vern.  (Did you catch that Kels :)) Anyways, this guy has been an investigator on and off for the past year and half or so.  And it was just a quick visit with him. He's so awesome though....he's totally going to be baptized one day! :) 
We also got to go to the vineyards up there and work in them for some members. :) Did you know that Welches gets some of their grapes from Erie PA? :) and I worked in some of the vineyards that they buy from :) Now that's pretty cool right? Well...it was raining while I was out there....so I didn't get any pictures to share of that one...but I sure had soaking wet, lake smelling pants to prove it. haha! YUCK! I was so wet and cold for the rest of the evening! haha! But it was so awesome! I love LOVE getting to do service! I have never done so much service in my whole life I swear! and it is just the greatest feeling to get to help people who are in need! anyways, we traveled home later that evening...and we were about 40 miles away and we had to stop for gas and saw that Sister Holmstead had forgotten her scriptures in our back seat. Bad news...so we called our Zone Leaders to see what they wanted us to do...if they wanted us to use the miles to go back up or what....and of course they didn't answer their phone! haha! and our phone was dying! So we called the AP's and they reminded us we had a meeting later that week that we could give her scriptures to her Zone Leaders that would be there. haha! So we got that all figured out. Thank heavens for the AP's! They're saints! 
Wednesday was probably one of the weirdest days I've had as a missionary...we were asked to come help do service at the Farm Show in Butler..so we went, and it was sooo much fun! Really all we did was sit at this booth thing and help people when they needed it...which wasn't very often....so we got to see this cute little act from this guy...his stage name is the "moo-gician" It was cute. :) We saw a lot of really neat stuff. :) and met some cool people! 
But the weirdest part of my day...was when we went over to some members house and helped them BUTCHER CHICKENS!!!! Like literally...cut their heads off....skin them....all that nasty stuff. haha! okay...and we didn't really do all that much "helping" because we were in our skirts and stuff...and they said it was going to be a bloody mess...so we were more of the learning/support aspect! Gross right? I don't want to freak any of you out...so I won't share pictures unless you want me to send them to you....and I'll spare you the details..other than...the phrase "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off" isn't just some silly phrase we say...it's legit! haha!!
Then Later this week we had our Missionary Leadership Meeting in Pittsburgh. :) It was SOO legit! :) I seriously LOVE those meetings! I'm going to be so sad when I don't get to attend them anymore. But I was extremely lifted spiritually leaving that meeting :) All the Sister Training Leaders got to stay the night at the mission home in preparation for MLC and it was so fun! I just want you all to know That I have the greatest Mission President in the whole world....of all the other missions...no questions asked. ;) haha! I'm sure that everyone thinks that about their mission presidents...but I really love President and Sister Johnson! :) They are super awesome! :)
Sorry I didn't share lots of awesome spiritual stuff with you this week! We spent a lot of time out of our area in Erie and Pittsburgh...but I shared a few fun highlights. :) 
I am SOOO thankful for the opportunity that I have to be a missionary! It freaks me out to think that this is only for such a short period of time...because I love it! I love the people! I love my areas that I've served in! I love my companions! and I love the person I'm becoming. But most of all I love the gospel.  And I know that it is true! I'm so thankful for it in my life! I love you all so much! I'll talk to yinz soon! :)
Sister Thomas

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